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Marup is really a very good socio-economic system in Manipuri Society. This aged-old system which helps financially many of us in our society, is hardly available in other societies. But surprisingly, none of us till today are trying to improve, legalized or polished the system to boost our financial economy. Just think if the nationalised banks such as Manipur Co-operative bank, Manipur Rural Bank, Branches of SBI in Manipur adopt this system called 'Marup & Tender' to help the people in Manipur instead of providing only Loans. I can not understand why the nationalized banks could not pay such profits to the members while individuals, entrepreneurs or groups starting 'Marup & Tender' can pay profit to all the members. May be it depends on the system or RBI may not know that even small businesses like a grocery shop even yields minimum 10-15% profit per month. But these big banks are giving us 3.5% per year for our money they used, surprising! isn't it the biggest SCAM! Do you once try to know how much profit of our money is earning by these banks per month?

I have started and completed a lot of Marups in my life. In normal Marup we all know that there is no much profit both to the organizer and members or participants. Recently a lot of 'Marup & Tender' systems are started by local organisations and individuals. In this new system both organizer and participants could make profits if the plans, processes and the systems are executed with sincere and fair means from both sides i,e organizer and participants.

By stop payment we know that a member stops his/her subscription when he/she becomes a winner. But to the organizer there is no decrease in number of members virtually as a winner is replaced by the capital amount deducted from the winning amount.

Let's see an example, monthly subscription of a 'Marup & Tender' is Rs 1000/-, at the time of winning suppose the organizer deducts Rs 100000/- and the winner stops his/her subscription from the next month. Now the organizer needs to cover this Rs 1000/- by using the deducted amount i,e Rs 100000/- means he(organizer) needs to earn 1% of the deducted amount every month till the 'Marup & Tender' is completed. Like this the Marup & Tender goes upto the end. At the end the organizer will have a profit whereas the winners got their profits at the time of winning the marup.

From this simple example we see that Marup & Tender can go smoothly if the business in which the organizer invested the deducted money, is good and simple; like as being an Stockist, wholeseller of Good Companies, having a big shop at big markets say Paona Bazar, Thangal Bazar in Imphal etc.

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Onlinemarup is adding its online shopping section also. In future members will be allowed to sell their own products online here with a nominal fee. Onlinemarup will become the stockist of integrated direct selling company, In future stockist may be upgraded to super-stockist also and some of our members may become stockist with financial help from onlinemarup if required.

Onlinemarup was online since 20th Dec 2019. Till today around 500 shares of phase-02 were filled and around 198 persons are registered as our website members. One Time Payment Marup is also on the go. Really it is a good progress in this short period of 2 and half months. Phase-02 is mainly targeting to cover most areas of Manipur so that we can expand our network in full in future. After filling all the 800 shares of Phase-02 we will kick-off from the first coming date 8 or 9. Let's remember our motto is 'Let's make us rich and let's make people rich'. Onlinemarup is not just a 'Marup & Tender' but a socio-economic platform integrated with network marketing based on our successful theory of aged-old traditional system. So the chances of success, in my opinion is really high. Thanking you all.

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