Phase-02, a unique Marup

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Return of either Rs 1 lakh or Rs 15000/- for your 24 months Marup subscription of Rs 7200/- @ Rs 300/- per month only or one time Rs 7000/- only.

How many members/shares?There will be a total of 800 shares plus FREE shares in Phase-02.

Why should you join phase-02?

  1. Subscription amount is easily affordable, it's only Rs 300/- per month or Rs 10/- a day, an amount less than cost of a coffee. You can pay the subscription easily anytime and from anywhere through Google Pay, PayTm, UPI or IMPS. You can watch the Marup draw online through Facebook Livestream and Youtube.

  2. You need not to pay till the end of the Marup in Phase-02 but in other Marups & Tenders if you do not win, you need to pay your subscription till the end. In phase-02, you have to pay only for short 2 years if you do not win. If you win, you will stop your subscription from the next month.

  3. You will not lose anything in phase-02 either you win marup or tender. But in others you will find you lose money if you win tenders. 83 lucky winners will get products worth Rs 5000/-(approx.) each.

  4. You can think phase-02 as an investment that will double your money even if you win tender. If you win marup then you got a big profit. All the members will also get one Triple Stem Cell drop worth Rs 1999/-.

  5. The duration of phase-02 will be same as other existing Marup & Tenders in Manipur i,e 6-7 years at maximum.

  6. You will get a chance to earn a passive income in your life FREE from or This opportunity is not available in any Marup or Tender in Manipur.

  7. From all the above reasons, most of the members who knows onlinemarup in depth will not left and it will be a strong reason for phase-02 not to be broken.

  8. We are not operating phase-02 from an office that can be easily closed but from our own residence that can not be left easily.

Which one is better, small investment with big profits or big investment with small profits?


Take or refer 5 shares, get 1 share FREE

Take or refer 10 shares, get 2 shares FREE and winning Rs 1 lakh to 1 free share is Guranteed.

So here Rs 1500/- a month can win upto Rs 6 lakhs, small investment with big profits.

Other Marup & Tenders in Manipur

No Marup & Tender gives Free share till today,

so you invest big to get a small profit.

No Marup & Tender quranteed you to get a fixed amount till today, so you invest in uncertainty profit or lost

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Ksh Surjit Singh & Ksh Ratana Devi Sagolband Tera Loukrakpam Leikai,

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Leirak opp. to transformer at ground Imphal West, Imphal, Manipur, India


Mobile No: 9436022150

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